About Us

About Us

The Rotary Club of Monroe County is part of a much larger, worldwide organization, Rotary International (“RI”).  Rotary International is organized into geographic districts, which consist of several individual clubs, such as Monroe County.  We are part of District 6510.  Information about RI and our District can be found by checking out the information and links on www.Rotary.org.

Check out this short video to learn about Rotary's 5 Areas of Focus.

Rotary Club of Monroe County was chartered at the end of 2013 and we are the newest club in District 6510.

We are always seeking activities, suggestions and ideas devoted to the five avenues of service: Club, Community, Vocational, International, and Youth.

Since our inception in July 2012, we have served community dinners to people in need, co-sponsored a blood drive, provided scholarship opportunities to WHS seniors, donate dictionaries to are third graders, and hosted short drives for a local VA hospital.

The Rotary Year begins July 1st and end June 30th. Rotary officers at all levels are elected in December and will typically serve in their capacity for one to two years.

Our district governor visits at least once a year to meet with the officers, committee chairs, and members. During this, the governor reviews our goals, sees our accomplishments, provides support, and encourages us to continue living the Rotary motto "Service above Self".

Active Members

George Mueller
Club President

Lynn Feilner
Club President-Elect
Club Past President
Charter Member

Lisa Koenigstein
Club Secretary
Club Virtual Mtg Contact

Joy Schrieber
Club Treasurer

Louis Bourgeois
Club Sergeant-at-Arms
Charter Member

Timothy Gutknecht A/G
Asst Gov 3/Belize Children's Prog Chair

Cassidy Beck
Past Club President

Trish Bourgeois
Charter Member

Don Daniel
Club R I Foundation Chair
Club Past President

Jeff Giesegh
Club Webmaster

Kevin Grace
Charter Member

Jill Hempen

Scott Hempen

Melissa Prather
Club Past President

Joy Schrieber