About Us

Benefits of Rotary Membership

Professional Development
	Leadership skills
		Leading projects
		Leading leaders
		Leading volunteers
	Public Speaking
		At club, district, and large events
	Project Management
		Club projects
		Community projects
		International projects
		Club members
		Community members
	Event Production
		Club meetings
		Club events
		District meetings
		Zone meetings
	Continuing Education
		How to sell our cause, and our membership
		Raising funds
		Humanitarian projects
		Grant writing
		Budgeting and management
		Computer applications 
		How to train others
	Exposure to Other Professions
		Broader perspective of business and life
		Understanding of industries/professions other than own
	Nonprofit Education
		Grant writing
		Grant management
		Global exposure to other NGOs
	Represent your industry
	Diversity of professions
	Exposure to owners, top level management, and extraordinarily
         well-connected business and community leaders
	Ability to build awareness and creditability among other 
         members based on work you do in Rotary
	Assumption that in working with other Rotarians you are 
         being treated fairly, and you will treat them fairly 
         in business dealings
	Local and international
	Lifetime Professional, personal, and family relationships
	Exposed to top level within local and international community
	An extraordinarily diverse group based on age, 
         vocation, focus, and experience
	Opportunity to create long-term relationships quickly
         in spite of cultural or language challenges
	Assumptions that other Rotarians are talented, educated,
         community leaders who are ethical, principled,
         and wanting to help others
Family Experience and Opportunity for Unique 
  Experience for Children
	Rotary programs are fun for adults and children and
      bring families together
			Youth Exchange
			Speech contest
	Community service projects with Rotarian family member
	International travel opportunities on Rotary projects
	Strong network in the community for use by family
		Doctors, dentist, lawyer, financial planner,
        architect, accountant, etc.
	Friendships that can support family
	Trusted relationships
	Sense of community and commitment
	Network to help tin emergency
Personal Development
	Opportunity for extraordinary experiences
	Opportunity to improve the lives of others
	Opportunity to do things through Rotary you cannot do alone
	Leverage of Rotary Foundation funds use, expertise,
         and connections
	Opportunity to live and express yourself internationally
	Opportunity to meet people and make friends all over the world
	Opportunity to leave the world better than you found it
Identify for High Level of Integrity
	Better understanding of components of ethical behavior
      in business and community
	Recognized and differentiate by other for high ethical standards
	Satisfaction of Making a Difference to People Who Need your Help
	Can help other while keeping your day job
	Rotary’s worldwide presence allows service on a local
      or international level